Flash heads are small, modifiers can be large, avoid this problem.

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Making the most of your umbrella or large mofidfier You may not be making the most of your [...]

Cameras and flashes – what do I need?

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Cameras and flashes - what do I need? The chances are you already have some of the equipment you...

Light stands and flash umbrella brackets

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Stands and brackets - in this video, I demonstrate how the flashes, stands and umbrellas all fit...

How to trigger off-camera flash

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Triggering the flashes - in this video I go through each of the various ways to fire the flashes...

Light modifiers, why you need them.

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Light modifiers - shoot through umbrellas, softboxes, reflective umbrellas, grids, snoots and gobos...

Do I need a flash meter for perfect exposures?

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Light meters - In the context of off-camera flash, some light meters are commonly referred to as flash...

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