Flash heads are small, modifiers can be large, avoid this problem.

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Making the most of your umbrella or large mofidfier You may not be making the most of your [...]

Introduction to outdoor off camera flash exposure

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Shooting outside with off-camera flash requires a little more thought than when shooting inside...

Balancing ambient and flash light

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Outdoor shoot 1 - Having a perfect balance between the ambient and flash light will mean that the...

Controlling background light spill

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Indoor shoot 2 - This video demonstrates the first steps needed in order to improve the look of the background.

How to trigger off-camera flash

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Triggering the flashes - in this video I go through each of the various ways to fire the flashes...

Off camera flash settings – Shutter Speed

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Shutter speed - discover it's role in off camera flash exposure.

High Speed Sync vs a Neutral Density Filter

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On a bright day, typical exposure settings for off camera flash might be 1/250th at f8 or f11, ISO 100...

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