Manual mode and off-camera flash

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Manual mode - why this will be the only exposure mode used throughout these course

Apertures and an introduction to exposure

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Aperture is one of the 5 aspects of off-camera flash exposure settings. Although it controls both the...

Off camera flash settings – Shutter Speed

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Shutter speed - discover it's role in off camera flash exposure.

The role of ISO in off camera flash photography

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ISO - when we increase our camera’s sensitivity to light, it becomes more sensitive to both...

Determining the flash power for perfect exposures

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Flash power can be thought of as being like a domestic dimmer switch, except that...

The effect of flash to subject distance on exposure

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Flash to subject distance has a large bearing on exposure and particularly relevant...

Flash maximum sync speed and High Speed Sync

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Why is there a maximum sync speed, and what's the way around it...

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