Simple first one-light setup

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Indoor shoot 1 - Great results with a simple one-light setup, and you can get vastly different results by simply moving the light around the subject.

Controlling background light spill

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Indoor shoot 2 - This video demonstrates the first steps needed in order to improve the look of the background.

Light the background for more impact

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Indoor shoot 3 - Now that you've learnt how to control the light spill on the background, you can start thinking about lighting it.

Colouring the background using gels

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Indoor shoot 4 - You can easily change the look and feel of the background using easily available gels.

Use a fill light to open up the shadows

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Indoor shoot 5 - the dramatic type of light seen so far isn't suitable for everyone. Flatter your subject a little by using a fill light.

Stunning beauty lighting – method 1

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Indoor shoot 6 - Here's a great lighting setup for flattering your subject, commonly called Clam shell lighting1

More drama using a harder light source

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Indoor shoot 7 - Hard light can provide a little more drama and give the image an 'edgier' feel.

Portrait Lighting Patterns

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Indoor shoot 8 - the patterns of light and shadow on your subjects face will change depending....

Graphic backgrounds using household objects

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Indoor shoot 9 - You can make terrific looking backgrounds by firing a flash through various...

Dramatic light using a Honeycomb Grid

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Indoor shoot 10 - Sometimes, the less you light something, the more interesting it becomes...

Making a whiter than white background

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Indoor shoot 11 - White backgrounds won't normally appear white, they can be anything from off white...

Stunning beauty lighting – method 2

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Indoor shoot 12 - We saw in a previous video how to create a glamour / beauty light using ...

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