Brighten up your portraits with a little ‘Fill Flash’

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Fill flash explained How to use fill flash outside It might not occur to you to use a flash outdoors, [...]

Better results using an external flashgun, Pt I – Bounce flash

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More flattering portrait light using bounce flash You've probably realised by now from the other films that I'm not a [...]

Better flash portraits using an external flashgun, Pt II – More creative portraits

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Use bounce flash and light modelling to get a more creative portrait You've already seen in a previous film how [...]

Better results using your cameras’ built-in flash, Pt I – Soften the shadows

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On-camera flash techniques - for built in or pop-up flash users Have you noticed how portraits taken with the built-in [...]

Better results using your camera’s built-in flash, Pt II – Balance the Ambient Light

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On-camera flash techniques Here's another great tip that shows how you can improve indoor photos taken with your cameras' built-in [...]

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