The Exposure Triangle

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Get out of the Auto mode and learn about exposure using the exposure triangle The exposure triangle explains how the [...]

Camera lens aperture explained

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Camera lens aperture The lens aperture controls the amount of light entering through the lens, and also controls the depth [...]

The Basics of Shutter Speed

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What's a shutter and what is 'shutter speed' Very basically, shutter speed is ‘the amount of time that [...]

The all-important ISO setting explained

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The ISO setting is very important if you want take photos indoors, or if the light is failing outside, because [...]

Exposure Compensation – It’s important to understand as you’re going to need it.

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Ever had your photos come out too light or too dark? If so, you've just fooled your camera's metering system. [...]

How to turn your flash on / off, and why you should know how!

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Ok, I know that this is very very basic, but you'd be surprised how many compact camera users don't know [...]

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