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Course introduction by Bernie
watch-button   CourseIntroFeaturedCourse introduction - What's it all about?

The Equipment - here's what you need to get going
watch-button   FlashesAndCamerasCameras and Flashes - Just what cameras and flashes are suitable?
watch-button   StandsAndBracketsStands and Brackets - Where to put the flashes and how to mount them
watch-button   Triggering PosterTriggering the flashes - There are several methods, some cheaper or more reliable than others!
watch-button   LightModifiersFeaturedLight modifiers - Use Umbrellas and softboxes etc... to modify the light
freeplay2   flashat105make the most of your umbrella or large modifier - Flashes are small, modifiers can be large, so avoid this problem
watch-button   LightMetersPoster1Using a light meter - Do you need one?

Manual mode and the five aspects of off-camera flash exposure
watch-button   ManualModePosterManual mode and why it's best for off-camera flash photography
watch-button   AperturesPosterApertures and an introduction to exposure
freeplay2   ShutterSpeedsPosterShutter speed and its role in off camera flash photography
watch-button   ISO PosterISO and its role in off camera flash photography

watch-button   FlashPowerPosterFlash power - nailing it for perfect exposures

watch-button   InverseSquareLawPosterFlash to subject distance and its effect on exposure

watch-button   SyncSpeedAndHSSMaximum flash sync speed and High Speed Sync


Indoor Photo Sessions
watch-button   IndoorShoot1 - SimpleSetupPosterSession 1 - Simple one light setup

freeplay2   IndoorShoot2 - ControlBackgroundPosterSession 2 - Controlling light spill on the background

watch-button   IndoorShoot3 - CloserLight PosterSession 3 - Lighting the background

watch-button   IndoorShoot4 - GelBackground posterSession 4 - Colouring the background using gels

watch-button   IndoorShoot5 - FillLight posterSession 5 - Using a fill light to open up the shadows

watch-button   IndoorShoot6 - Clamshell PosterSession 6 - Stunning beauty light using a clam-shell lighting setup

watch-button   IndoorShoot7 - HardLight PosterSession 7 - Get an edgier feel by using a harder light source

watch-button   IndoorShoot8 - LightingPatternsFeaturedSession 8 - Portrait lighting patterns

watch-button   IndoorShoot9- HouseholdObjectsPosterSession 9 - Use household objects to get stunning graphic backgrounds

watch-button   IndoorShoot10 - HoneycombgridFeaturedSession 10 - Using a honeycomb grid to create dramatic portraits

watch-button   IndoorShoot11 - WhiteBackgroundPosterSession 11 - How to get a whiter than white background
watch-button   IndoorShoot12 - TriflectorSession 12 - Stunning beauty light using a Tri-Flector lighting setup

Outdoor photo sessions
freeplay2   ExposureIntroFeaturedExposure introduction - Balancing the ambient and flash light
freeplay2   HSSandNDFiltersFeaturedHigh Speed Sync and ND filters - The pros and cons

freeplay2   OutdoorShoot1 - Between the TreesFeaturedSession 1 - Balancing ambient light with flash, between the trees

watch-button   NarrowGaugerailwayFeaturedSession 2 - Balancing ambient light with flash, Narrow Gauge Railway

watch-button   OutdoorShoot - DramaticSkiesFeaturedSession 3 - Dramatic portraits using the sky as background

watch-button   OutdoorShoot5 - HSSBandstand featuredSession 4 - High Speed Sync - Wide apertures in bright sunshine

watch-button   OutdoorShoot4 - ShuttersFeaturedSession 5 - Graphic / Grungy backgrounds - Window or shop shutters

watch-button   OutdoorShoot6 - GraffitiFeaturedSession 6 - Graphic / Grungy backgrounds - Graffiti

watch-button   OutdoorShoot7 - BrickWallFeaturedSession 7 - Graphic / Grungy backgrounds - A Brick wall


Bonus video on Product photography using off camera flash
watch-button   DIYProductBoxFeaturedDIY product photography setup

This course is only just published, here's some initial reviews from Udemy

Bernie does it again!
I had only intended to watch 1 or 2 of these lectures before going back to a couple of other courses I've been working my way through for a while now, but such is the ‘Bernie effect’, I ended up watching all of them in just 2 or 3 sessions. Lighting, especially flash lighting, is one of those subjects that has confused and intimidated me ever since I got my first camera, but thanks to Bernie’s straightforward teaching style, I now have a much greater understanding of the subject and feel ready to start experimenting with the Speedlite I’ve owned for over 4 years but never used.

Another brilliant course by one of the very best instructors on Udemy.

Good value for money and easy to follow
Compared to other courses of similar content on Udemy, Bernie's course packs a lot in for the price.
The length of each video segment is perfect and easy to "digest". If you've got a free 10mins here and there, you can easily fit in a least 1 video segment of this course.
There's a couple of mistakes here and there during the video shoots, but Bernie corrects them in editing and doesn't try to gloss over it. Kudos for that.
This course is perfect for someone that knows how to use the non-automatic modes of their, camera and has a least one off-camera flash.
The inclusion of supplementary material in some of the modules, adds even more value to the course.

Well done Bernie.

Worthy Of Ten Stars
I learned so much from this course...not only about flash photography, but basic lighting as well.

Bernie's sense of humor makes learning fun and inspiring. He also offers a lot of tips to save money purchasing equipment...and even shows you how to make a DIY light tent. I do some product photography, so the DIY light tent video was very helpful.

I have purchased all of Bernie's courses and love his teaching style. This course was certainly no exception I give it TEN stars.

Great educator - Great value
Once again Bernie has demonstrated why he is one of Udemy's favorite instructors. He has a unique ability to break the elements of photographic knowledge into small elements and to build the small elements into a comphrehensive knowledge using self deprecating humour and communication skills. He continues to provide excellent value in his his tutorials.

Thanks Bernie

These reviews are for my other courses, the off-camera flash course has only just been published

Loved this course>
The course presents so much information in such a simple to understand way. I learned so much and highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to sharpen their photography skills. I would definitely take any another photography course offered by this instructor. .I only wish I could have given the course 10 stars. I have taken several other courses at Udemy and loved them, but this one is my favorite.


Recommended for quick and easy to understand photo skills.
I've tried reading books and I've tried searching online to improve my photography skills. I've learned way more and have better understanding in the past 3 days than I have in the past 6 months. Wish I'd found this course sooner so I didn't waste money on the books

stars-5Absolutely Brilliant - recommended
I have learned so much from watching these nuggets, without them some things would never have occurred to me. Because these are bite sized it allows me to dip in and out when I have time and I don't get overloaded with too much information. They are concise and clear without any waffle - they tell you what you need to know and situations of when you should use it.
I've recommended this course to some many folks whether they've been taking photos for years or are just getting started. I absolutely recommend this to everyone who wants to take better photos and doesn't have too much time.

stars-5Great course!
This was an amazing course! I especially liked the lectures on top shade and leading lines which I have used over and over again. Thanks for such a great course!

stars-5Fantastic Course!
a very comprehensive and useful course. I would recommend this for beginners (little knowledge of camera/DSLR usage) and intermediate photographers (knowledge of camera concepts but still not getting the shots you wanted). It closes in on a lot of knowledge gaps as well as fine tunes already known concept

stars-5Great course! Learned a ton!
Great course that covers tons of different topics. A perfect course to get started!

stars-5Excellent Course!
I am a bit more advanced than some of the lesson's in this course but I did learn a lot from Bernie and really look forward to taking some more of his classes. If you are a beginner with a DSLR then this course is an absolute must if you want to get that camera off of auto mode.

stars-5Love this!
I love Bernie's approach. Such a great instructor, makes all concepts much simpler and a very refreshing presenter. Well worth it!

stars-5Simply Great
... and 'simply great'describes the course the lecturer and content.
If you imagine being out with Bernie on a shoot and asking what would be the best settings for this situation you have all the answers to give you a more than average chance of some great Photos.I would like to go to the next stage, is that possible?
Thank you Bernie I really enjoyed being with you.

stars-5Something for everyone
No matter your skill level you should find plenty of information in this course that could teach you some new tricks. Bernie's presentation style is easy to follow and understand and this enables him to get his points across clearly. If you take this course I suggest that you also invest in Part 2 which carries on from where this one leaves off.