• Composition is the placement or arrangement of your subject within the frame.
  • Here's some great composition tips & tricks for more dramatic images.
  • General guidelines to make your images interesting and engaging.
  • Remember, they're just guides, rules can and should be broken sometimes.
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The positive impact of ‘Negative Space’

What is Negative Space' Negative space is a concept that's been used in art, design, architecture, and sculpture for many years and can bring a new creative edge to many photos, sometimes turning an average [...]

The frame within a frame composition trick

The frame within a frame trick, sometimes known as foreground framing, is a great way to lead the viewers eye through to the main focal point of an image, and to keep it there. The [...]

Use leading lines for better photography composition

Use ‘Leading Lines’ to create more dramatic images Any time there is a strong line in a photograph, the viewers eye will naturally follow along it towards the actual subject. This could be type of [...]

Use diagonal lines for better photography composition

Use diagonal lines to add impact to your photos, it’s easy to do and can be very effective. They can also help to draw the eye through a photo. It’s a simple compositional trick that [...]

The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a well known fundamental photographic principle of good composition, and it's one of the first things that budding photographers learn in classes, and rightly so. However, it's only a guide, [...]

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