Get to grips with flash photography

  • My favourite settings when using flash indoors
  • How to avoid that harsh 'over-flashed' look by bouncing the flash
  • How to use on-camera flash for more creative portraits
  • What exactly is a camera's max sync speed, and is it a problem?
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Learn how the Shutter Speed affects your flash photos – flash photography tips

Flash photography tips - has this ever happened to you? You take a portrait using your built-in or external flash, but the photo is too bright or too dark, like the slightly over-exposed couple and [...]

Understand the maximum flash sync speed

What exactly is a maximum flash sync speed and how can it cause problems Maybe you're already aware that your camera's shutter speed is limited to (usually) around 1/250th of a second when using flash. [...]

Use an external flashgun to bounce flash

External flashguns are great aren't they? As well as being far more powerful than the built in pop-flash on DSLR's, they usually come with a head that swivels, like in the above photo. This allows [...]

Flash photography tips – my favourite basic settings

Flash Photography TipsAlthough I much prefer to use natural lighting, sometimes there's no getting away from using flash indoors at family or friends get-togethers, parties, evenings out etc... If you have an external flashgun, you'll [...]

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