Get tack sharp images with these DSLR focusing tips

  • Get out of the focus Auto Area mode, use single area focus instead
  • Learn about the 'focus and re-compose' method
  • When to change the selected focus area instead of using 'focus & compose'
  • Understanding edge contrast
  • When to use manual focus, and a great tip for more accuracy
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Where to focus when taking a landscape photo – Landscape photography tips

Where should you focus when taking a Landscape photo? - landscape photography tips Typically, but not always, you will want to keep as much of the image in focus as possible and this means selecting [...]

Focusing tips – Get out of the Auto Area mode

The focus areas on your camera are the ones that light up in the viewfinder or LCD screen when you half press the shutter. But do several squares light up as in the the above [...]

Focusing tips – How to focus and re-compose

Rather than allow your camera to choose it's own focus area using focus 'auto-area / grid area', you'll get far more consistent results if you just use one focus area that you have control over. [...]

Focusing tips – Make use of edge contrast

Auto focus systems on most DSLRs work by sensing the difference in contrast between edges, even those that use Phase Detection Autofocus. But when there are no sharp edges or contrast, or when there is [...]

Focusing tips – know your best camera focus areas

As explained in a previous focusing tip, an alternative to the 'focus and re-compose' method is to use one of the other camera focus areas instead of the centre one. Different cameras have varying number [...]

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