• The sensor is the part of your camera that records the image
  • The ISO setting controls the sensitivity of the sensor
  • The higher the ISO value, the more sensitive the sensor is to light
  • The higher the ISO value, the more 'noise' is introduced
  • Increase the ISO when taking photos in low light
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  • what is iso

What is ISO – Understand ISO and get out of the Auto mode

ISO is one of the most important camera settings, you will significantly improve not just the quality of your photos, but also the variety of them too by making good use of the ISO setting. Years ago, in the days of film, now being lost in the midst of time, [...]

The Exposure Triangle – Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

The exposure triangle explains how the individual aspects of exposure, i.e aperture, shutter speed and ISO, affect the final exposure of the photo. It's a useful way of describing the relationship between the three aspects of exposure. Each side of the triangle represents one of the three variables, aperture, shutter [...]

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