Just about the most comprehensive off camera flash tutorial you'll find at this price anywhere

Over 3 hours of content - just £25

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Learn the fundamental principles and advanced concepts of using off-camera flash to take stunning portraits. This is a very comprehensive, practical photography course that covers everything you need to know. Just because there is enough light in a room or outside to take a photo, doesn't mean that it's great light....

Learn how to create beautiful light using small flashes.

  • Take stunning images on a small budget and in a small room.
  • Learn the easy steps to getting your flash off your camera
  • Discover the inexpensive equipment you need, with links to the gear
  • Learn what modifiers do, and how they can make a significant difference.
  • Understand the various triggering methods and which one suits you best
  • Learn and understand the 5 aspects of off camera flash exposure
  • Learn why Manual mode is best, and what makes it so easy
  • Follow me on around 20 photo shoots, indoors and out
  • Learn advance techniques, multiple flashes / gels / light patterns / balancing ambient and flash light etc...
  • Everything explained in detail, with a fun teaching style
  • Be amazed at the results from my 'bonus' product photo shoot using a DIY box

A powerful skill at your fingertips

Advanced and professional photographers do not generally use any of the semi-automatic modes (e.g Aperture / Shutter Speed priority etc..) when shooting in a studio environment. This course will demonstrate why, and show you just how easy it is to use Manual modes for consistent exposures and how it can aid the learning process.

Content and Overview

The course goes right back to basics, but also covers advanced topics. You'll learn about the equipment, what to buy and what not to buy if on a tight budget. It demonstrates how to put the gear together, how to modify it, and shows various ways of triggering the flashes, Exposure is covered in great details, with one video on each of the 5 aspects of exposure.

Come with me on these photo sessions, and watch as I talk through the camera and flash settings and take (mostly) great photos with (mostly) gorgeous models, using a fun teaching style.

A bonus video on product photography is included, a DIY setup that can provide spectacular results. Great for eBay or just making some money on the side.

Designed for beginners (although not not complete beginners), through to enthusiasts and professionals, on completing this course you'll have the knowledge and confidence to start taking beautifully lit portraits.

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Cameras and Flashes - Just what cameras and flashes are suitable?

Absolutely AMAZING!
I have every course from Bernie and I just love, love, love this guy. His courses are presented in such a natural manner, meaning they are truly humorous but most importantly, they are so incredibly educational. Bernie really knows his stuff; he delivers his material in a practical and informative way. Watching videos, he is such a likeable person and is by far one of the best teachers I've ever learned from. His knowledge and passion for photography reaches beyond any photographer I have ever watched. I simply love his courses and I always look forward to more from Bernie. Keep up the superb work Bernie!!
(Gary Wadell)

A brilliant course by someone who can indeed teach.
Brilliant course that is easy to follow, does not rush through the topics but still covers what I felt was the spectrum of flash photography that I need. I found the examples very intuitive and easy to transfer to practice.
(Michael Wilmes)

Bernie Raffe's Course is not a Flash in the Pan
Outstanding course filled with information – all vital to great flash photography. Bernie Raffe presents his course in an all-professional manner yet is very pleasant to watch. Viewing his course has certainly helped me become a better photographer. I would recommend this program to any photographer who has a solid understanding of his or her camera but would like to take it to the next step by using off-camera flash. It is a huge step into making pictures rather than just taking them
(David Bowman)

Another Home Run!
Thank you once again Bernie. Nothing better in book or video exists in my opinion. A lot of fun to watch. Just wonderful.
(Marissa Foshee)