General photography video tutorials - Two Courses
  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • Posing
  • Exposure
  • Focusing
  • Better use of flash
  • Camera features & settings
... plus loads, loads more
A set of over 70, 5 star rated, video tutorials of photography tips and tricks for beginners and intermediate photographers. Split into two courses, each video demonstrates one specific photography tip, the courses cover a wide range of topics.
Take a look at the Part I or Part II course curriculums or check out some free video tutorials
Posing individuals, couples & families
  • Learn relaxed and natural posing techniques
  • Live photo sessions with real (non-model) subjects
  • Individuals, couples, Siblings & families
  • Tips and tricks for Head and Shoulders photos
Follow me on live photo sessions with individuals, couples, young and older siblings and large and extended families and watch me overcome peoples natural tendencies to sit or stand like statues!
Take a look at the course curriculum or check out some free video tutorials
Take Stunning Images using Off-Camera Flash
  • Take amazing images using inexpensive equipment
  • Follow me on over 19 live indoor and outdoor photo shoots
  • Learn and understand the 5 aspects of off-camera flash exposure
  • Learn advance techniques, multiple flashes / gels / background control etc...
In this set of over 30 videos, you'll learn about the equipment, what to buy, what not to buy, how to put it together, how to trigger the flashes. You'll learn about modifiers and how to get perfect exposures every time and fantastic photos with beautiful light.
Take a look at the course curriculum or check out some free video tutorials
Wedding Photography: Tips, tricks and Ideas
  • Learn to capture some of the wonderful wedding 'moments'
  • Discover some easy-to-do creative wedding photography ideas
  • This course covers all stages of the wedding
  • Learn from the huge number of wedding images shown (complete with camera settings)
In this set of over 30 videos, you'll learn how to capture some of the wonderful emotional moments throughout the day, how to get very natural looking posed photos, how to relax the couple and families for more natural expressions, plus you’ll be amazed at some of the creative ideas that you can easily use yourself.
Take a look at the course curriculum or check out some free video tutorials

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